Small Black: Limits of Desire

So. Oh oh oooooh phiiiiie.

That song is pure eighties revival bliss. So much so that it makes me want to Wikipedia Molly Ringwold and see what she’s doing these days. Because she seriously needs to be listening to this album.

It’s not very often that I stumble across an album that makes me want to take it to bed and sleep with it under my pillow in case a gang of music-loving thugs breaks into my house. In fact, it’s been pretty rare since the ’90’s. And I don’t know what happened between 2010 and 2013, but there was a lot of really great music that happened in those couple of years. High Violet by The National, Visions by Grimes, Shrines by Purity Ring, Within and Without by Washed Out, and Dive by Tycho just to name a few. I bought those ones pretty soon after their release dates, but this one slipped past me somehow until recently.

I think it gets better each time I listen to it. It’s been the audio equivalent of mini peanut butter cups for me. I have one. Not bad. Later, I come back to the bowl and eat a couple more. Alright. I’m good for now. Then I’m sitting in front of the bowl, devouring each peanut butter cup along with the foil wrapper (because it takes to much time to unwrap).

I suppose for this analogy to make sense you need to thoroughly understand my relationship with mini peanut butter cups.

This album is a slow burner. These guys know how to make music. And they do it with such subtle melodies. Some people make great songs that lose their novelty after a few listens, but few can create songs that somehow manage to sound better and make you hear new things with each listen. Do they even know they’re doing this? Is there a class you take? Seriously. Because I want to be a human version of this album.

I first heard ‘Free at Dawn’ in a restaurant and Shazamed it. Bought the album. And only a couple of songs stuck out as good with the rest being enjoyable background music. And now I think I sing along to every song. Obviously, I was singing ‘Sophie’ when you pulled up.

‘Only a Shadow’ may be my favorite track. At least for this week. I’m not even sure what the song is about, but there’s a strong emotional tie to it just like most of the other songs. And that’s what I love about this album. They could be singing about tacos in Japanese, but it would be the most heartfelt god damned taco song ever recorded.



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